Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank God It's Friday at T.G.I Friday's!

Dear people in this dear world. This is a fun day!

PR class with speeches and bridging. Fun, fun and loads of fun. "What was your company's name again? Happy Fun Drugs? Okay, you sit in the front so you get to be the spokesman and we'll just all laugh and make fun of you." That you was me. And we did laugh. All of us. "Your name is Alec? What, could your mum not afford an X?" And we laughed at that too.

Ran giggling to the gym and asked for a fun workout. And we sure got one! It was fun, it was sweaty, it was challenging. Grandma's back is still a bit so-so, but it'll be alright. FUN was the word. You gotta love a good workout.

And then, what we have been longing for the whole week - T.G.I Friday's! The salmon was heaven on a plate and the chocolate peanut butter pie was - well, just heaven! It was so good we all wanted to cry. And we felt like we couldn't have deserved it more. A case study, an exam, writing assignments, a speech and five days of workout behind us.

Now, Grandma will just lay down on the couch to read the newspaper and we all know that reading the newspaper on the couch really means taking a nap. Just because I deserve it.

Life is pretty darn good and Thank God It's Friday!


"Why haven't Swedes realized that peanut butter is the best?!"

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Animal wise - not a good day. Otherwise - very good day!

Some days are just better than others. This was one of the former kind. I guess it's all because I started the day with Wham! - Wake me up before you go-go. What can go wrong a day that starts like that?! Actually, I did find a bug next to my OnePiece, but it was a minor problem and I got over it.

After a walk, some nice breakfast, a shower (thank you for that, my hair said to me), the Wham!-moment and a little bit of reading the paper, Olivia and I took the bus to Shirlington. Ended up at Busboys & Poets and prepared for a long day of studying, which turned out to be a long and lovely lunch followed by some catching up with a friend while writing a little bit here and a little bit there on a speech due tomorrow.

If the studying was the most inefficient ever, the workout was the complete opposite; surprisingly enough since I did feel relatively tired before stepping up on the treadmill. One sweaty hour later I felt great and ended the day with an evening class.

It might not sound that exciting, but it has been a totally wonderful day. Apart from the animal point of view. I just found a spider in my closet, which was far from pleasant, but Olivia brutally killed it with a measuring cup - so again, it all ended well. At least for me. Not for the spider.

Animal wise, not a good day. Otherwise - very good day. Excellent, I would even say!

The Elephant!

They say that elephants never forget. Well, sometimes I believe I'm an elephant, because I never seem to be able to forget.

The old gymnast body.

My head is doing good this week, but my body is a bit tired. Got to admit it. Some of the old gymnast defects are showing their cute effects again; mostly an aching back. But as we all know; pain is only weakness leaving your body! Even though it's in pain from time to time, my body tells me: "I wish I could do a backflip just here and now, 'cause that's the most amazing feeling in the world!"

TT, don't you agree with me? I'm looking forward to our next reunion. Because with TT it's never too late and you always do exactly what you want.

I want to do backflips, pirouettes and run around in a leotard. Oh, maybe. At least the old gymnast body is getting some good strength training and it likes it, even though it's on a little bit of a strike this week.

Reunion 2009 - Oldies But Goldies

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Relationships and people to thank.

I’m in a good flow. Things are moving in the right direction. Not every single move feels like a struggle and the words are making their way out on paper (or mostly screen) again. I feel inspired by the environment I’m in and by lots of the people around me. Ah, the key: people around me. We all have so much to give to each other. Don’t we?

Let’s think about it. Relationships are what we build our worlds around. And when I go to the bottom with it, I think about the whole foundation of me, myself and I; who I am and why I have become this person.

There is one special group who has a lot to do with that. The people I have grown up with; the people I got to know as I was starting to form my own ideas and my own personality; and the little ones, which could have been the ones with the most impact. Basically my wonderful, couldn’t-live-without-you-family. They are polite when I bring home men from different cultures. They hold my hand when these men leave. They support me when I get the impulse to leave my own country. They pick me up at the airport when I come home.

They are my family, and there is nothing like family. It's the relationship I value the most. Thank you, my loved ones, for being there, even though I'm always somewhere else. I wish you could all come here and experience this wonderful place with me. It's not like Ålis, but we could make it work.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend lunch.

If you are in the States, you are in the States and that definitely calls for a proper burger with fries every now and then. The best burgers in town are to be found at Five Guys. We have one close to campus, so last Saturday - as we were attending a seminar on the working climate in the US - we grabbed a burger for lunch. And - Oh. My. God. Heaven in a burger!

Thank God we work out Monday through Friday, that one would be a killer otherwise.

Have fun writing!

"Have fun with words - learn how to get in control of your skills," brilliant professor Cramer stated during a journalism class a few weeks ago.

After last week's somewhat destructive writing attitude, I think I am about to get back there. I don't know how it is regarding control or skills, but I do start to have fun writing again.

I make sure to always have a pen and a piece of paper in my bag and I force myself to write when there is nothing else to do. On the bus to NOVA or on the Metro a Saturday morning - whenever, wherever, about whatever.

It is fun to write. And I will try to learn how to master this beautiful art.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where you meet the powerful people.

Last Friday, by the merest chance, I ran in to a person with power. Somebody who has an influence, not only on his immediate surroundings, but on people being miles away from him - both in terms of geography and in matters of lifestyle. This surprisingly young American man, who happened to be at same event as me and was as eager to talk to people as I was, worked as a diplomat for the World Bank.

When I asked him to describe a day at work, he told me the following: "You know the situation in Africa's horn? The other day we decided on how much money to donate to help out over there."


Just like that, an ordinary day at work, he can affect the lives of those millions of people poorly treated by the horrible ways of nature. It made me impressed, but at the same time scared. Do we realize how much power we lay in the hands of man? Ordinary men - and women, of course - just like that young diplomat can be the ones deciding on exactly how well your life is going to be.

Let me tell you, dear reader, if you did not understand that yet; Washington D.C. is the place where you have all the chance in the world to meet the important people. And if - more correctly when - you run into them, stop for a second and let them describe an ordinary day at work. I assure you, you will find it very interesting.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Problem.

"A problem defined is a problem half solved" according to Professor Yoest. So let's give it a try.

Problem: Enormous amount of stress regarding ongoing PR Case Study, since the student wishes to be "alert" and cares too much about performance.
Solution: Don't think, just do.
Desired result: Productivity and the creativity that comes along with that. 'Cause we all know that creativity increases the more one produces - it's all a big chain of energies linked together.

There we have it. A case study on the stressed out student. Now it's about time to implement the strategies needed to reach desired objectives. Of course, the hopes and believes are that it will finally result in a PR Case Study to present and hand in to Professor Yoest first thing Monday morning.

Wish me luck!

Special people never die.

I once opened a book I swore was forever closed. I let the old book tell me its story again even though I didn't like the ending. I read it all with an open mind. More carefully than before and with a passion I didn't even know I had. Tried to make sense out of it this second time, but the story told was the same as before.

They say you live and you learn, except, that you never ever really learn. Really. If you did, then why would you keep on reading at all? An what would keep you going?

I once closed a book I very strongly cared for. Hard to do, but who said it will all be easy? You have got to know when to give up the fight and accept that a lot of stories don't have happy endings. But also have in mind that certain stories never end. And special people never die.

Grandma's too old for this.

Note to self: College parties are not for Grandmas. One game of beer pong (where I did miss my partner in crime Benjamaan) was enough. Let's just face it, you do get too old for certain things. But you do have to attend a college party if you get invited, be it you are 25 or even older. We check that box on the list and move on.

Thanks to the host for the invitation and thanks to our big hero Frida for picking us up and taking us home. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Make the odd things happen.

Imagine that it's Saturday, 7:30 a.m. and you are walking down the streets of the American capitol with a package of Finish bread (great bread made of rye!) in your hands. Well, if you are open-minded, everything is possible.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday I'm in love!

I cannot really relax, even though the weekend is here. But hey, let's give it a shot. The weekend does seem to be a fun one and I'll try to have a good time and not think about my inner stress (!).

Tonight it's Euro Night at the French Embassy. I was quick and bought the ticket as soon as I got the invitation. Unfortunately, none of my friends did, so I'll be going there by myself. However, I believe it will be an enjoyable evening. The event being sold out, I won't be there alone after all. And if I'm lucky, I might run into this hot chick!

Bonne soirée, Washington et toute l'Europe!

I want to shuffle with a shuffle.

Speaking of shuffling, as I did the other day, I really want an ipod shuffle. If I will make it through this horrible stage of being nervous every single time I sit down to write something, I will buy myself one. What a nice little friend it could be. While running intervals; doing incline walking; or walking backwards (yes, he actually makes us do that!) on the treadmill. While fighting against the X-mode on the elliptical. While doing pullups. While studying. While walking. While cleaning. While shuffling!

I want an ipod shuffle.

"Of course Grandma should have a shuffle!" Iron Ass stated. Well, if Iron Ass says so...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breathe, produce, breathe, produce.

Today is all about producing.
  1. Revise a story about the IBS program - due tomorrow
  2. Write a fact sheet and a statement for an imaginary press conference - due tomorrow
  3. Find a good PR story for a case study (how?!) - due Monday
  4. Put together facts from a police report and write a news story - due Tuesday
  5. Start revising The Profile - due October 5
  6. Find a hook for the story about the Smithsonian meeting - due, I don't know yet
Yes, I do get a bit nervous. It's all fun, but Miss Perfectionist is constantly there messing with me. I do my best to breathe and think about how my dad always calms me down in situations like these: "Just start working on it. You cannot expect that you will be able to know something before you even tried it" and so on and so forth.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. And don't forget to drink water!

It would be nice with some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory on a day like this!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Feedback, workout and cupcakes.

Don't you just love those small things that put a little golden star on ordinary days, like a grey and extremely humid Wednesday like this one? I sure do.

First of all, the feedback I got on a story I had written wasn't as harsh as I hade imagined. I was not by far content with what I had written, but today's class gave me a kick to try to enhance it. I know I can and I will.

Second of all, today's gym session was an ohmygod-one. I felt like I used every single muscle of my body during the whole workout. I never, ever passed out, but today I think I got a feeling of what it might be like before doing that. Grandma was tired, but happy. High on life. And yes, I did give it all - 110 percent.

Last, but not least, I got high on sugar after a nice "fika" with cupcakes and Swedish Ballerina cookies.

Do you get what I'm talking about? Small golden stars to make a grey and humid Wednesday quite sparkling. Feedback, workout and cupcakes. And as an extra bonus - the best roommates in the States. What more can a Grandma ask for?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Practice makes perfect.

Practice makes perfect. Always remember that. Keep on swimming even when you feel like you are drowning. 'Cause let's think now, that is the time when you need to swim the most.

When writing doesn't work, write more. When the heart is angry, try to love. And so it goes.

With every possible means, you need to try to get out what you know you have inside. If you run away from it, and keep on denying it, it will most certainly not come out. Do whatever you ought to do. Talk to it kindly. Force it if you must.

It's all up to you to make sure it will happen. It's all upp to you to make sure it will be perfect. It's all up to you to practice.

Practice, Milon, practice.

/Note from self

I've lost the ability to write.

I honestly must say that I have lost the ability to write. For attending journalism and PR classes, that is quite severe.

The more I learn about how to write, the more I feel like I cannot write. I doubt my grammar. I lose my words. I believe that I am totally incapable of picking out what is relevant information and how I can present it.

Even now, I cannot write.

I kid you not, I have lost the ability to write. I have got to stop writing and go out and find it.

We have a good week ahead of us.

Good morning America!

I would just like to start this day by saying that this week has the potential of becoming a really good one. I can just feel it. Can you not feel it?

Now it's time to head out for a walk before breakfast.

Have a good one everybody!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I could get used to this.

Starbucks. Downtown DC. 4:30 p.m. Monday. A cappuccino grande and some writing. Just came here from The Smithsonian Board of Regent's annual public forum. Don't know if you know him, but Mr. Chief of Justice was there. I kid you not. He was there and so was I.

That's all I wanted to tell you before starting to transcribe all my notes and put them together into some kind of story about this meeting.

Meetings with important people. Starbucks and Starstruck. I could get used to this.

My teabags tell me how to do it.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

"And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave"

As I was walking home earlier today, I thought about how we don't have nearly enough American flags in our apartment. In fact, we don't have a single one. It's such a shame. I think this week's mission (one out of many, actually) should be to purchase an American flag. I hope my roommates don't disagree.

The actual reason to why I started thinking about our lack of a flag is the flag we saw yesterday. Over 200 years old, is the national treasure that is kept at the National Museum of American History - The Star-Spangled Banner that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the song that became the national anthem of the United States of America.

This huge piece of English wool was, without a doubt, my favorite installation at the museum. Amazing. A symbol, for sure, and with the lyrics of the national anthem underneath very powerful. I want an American flag at our place. I think that's the way to do it - go all in!

The Paro Family - this one's for you.

The Paro Family - Jonnu, Verkko and unborn Pyre - I give you this as a little teaser. Promise to bring you loads for Christmas. And as a little bonus that goes along well with the picture, a quote from Friends: "Joey can only have TicTacs in even numbers." You gotta love this country. Come and visit me soon! (Yea, let's add another quote: "Come and knock on our door..." "...We'll be waiting for you!")

Study Sunday.

Sunday afternoon at Starbucks. Not bad at all. Lots of PR reading. Som French news while taking minor breaks (it's during the breaks we learn!). Maybe too much caffeine (but who cares?!). Good music playing - a mix of swinging oldies and latino tunes.

I like Study Sunday.

Today's To-Do.

Certain days are bad days. Let's just agree that, that's life. Let's also agree that these bad days come here to say hi and then good bye. No need to give bad days more air time than just that one day. It's better to switch focus and do things that matter.

So, today's to-do list looks like this:

  • Read three chapters of Public Relations on ethics, law and research
  • Do research on the Smithsonian Board of Regents
  • Clean bathroom floor (!)
  • Maybe run, maybe walk (maybe practice push-ups secretly)
  • Watch fun movie and laugh
  • Start reading a novel my roommate lent me

That doesn't sound like a bad day, does it?! Happy Sunday everybody!

Sweet dreams.

The best thing about a bad day is that it most certainly will be followed by a better one. Isn't that neat?

Good night Washington. See you in the morning.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Killed two birds with one stone today...

...well, actually three!

Went to the National Museum of American History; amusement. Read the signs on French instead of English where possible; practicing language. The National Museum of American History is a part of the Smithsonian Institution: research for school, since I'm going to cover the Smithsonian Board of Regent's annual meeting on Monday, as an assignment.

Three birds with one stone! Amusement. Practicing language. Study.

You've got to play your cards smart. And spend your time well. Otherwise, life will run away from you.

Drop down and give me 50!

Once upon a time, me and my friend Marre did push-ups in my kitchen. 50. Just like that. Then I quit gymnastics.

Yesterday, I was told "It's time for the push-ups. Let's try 25." I did 30. Just like that. But I could have done more.

That's generally how I feel. I could always have done more.

However, that is a feeling that will take you nowhere in life. To look in the side mirror and think that you could have done more will take you nowhere but bad places. Sometimes it's hard, but I try to work on it.

Today is a day when I would have needed a great workout. Somebody that would have told me "Drop down and give me 50." And I would have done it. Because I'm a strong woman. A good strong woman who takes care of herself.

Friday, September 16, 2011

One Month Anniversary.

Happy one month anniversary for me and my newfound Love. Washington DC. Arlington VA. USA.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandma's diggin' a hole!

At the gym. We hear one of our "gym songs" - Party Rock Anthem. Grandma (B1, that's me), starts to sing along and do somewhat of a digging move, next to Iron Ass (B2).

B1: I don't really know what they sing, but I think it's shuffling, so I'm shuffling.
B2: Yes, it is shuffling, but they mean it as to shuffle on an i-pod, you know.


See, words change. The kids shuffle on their electronic devices, while Grandma's diggin' a hole. And I will keep on doing that. That dance move is so much more fun than that of shuffling an i-pod. How would that even be?

"Everyday I'm shuffling..."

Bergström 1 and Bergström 2

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When I'm not myself.

You know what I like? When people say to me "You don't look like yourself today," on days when I don't feel like myself. On days when I have a headache; feel nauseas; cannot workout; have very little energy. A guy at the gym told me that today. And he was right, absolutely right. It made me happy - knowing he thinks I'm the opposite of lazy, tired and out of energy.

You know what else I like? My roommates. Because they tell me to go to bed when I fall asleep in the middle of writing. Because they come with painkillers to me, first thing in the morning after a night of migraine. Because they entertain me and constantly make me laugh.

Fun, caring people, with whom I can totally by myself. Even on days when I'm not.

Miss PA and Mr. M - what a team.

Little Miss PA came knocking on my door last night. P as in Performance. A as in anxiety. Actually, she came knocking on my door a few days ago, which made me stay up all night writing on my first journalism assignment, due today. Of course, she brought along her friend, Mr. Migraine. They like hanging out together and often come as a team.

Anyway, I finished the assignment. I gave it to my professor. No matter how annoying Little Miss PA and Mr. Migraine can be, I could never, ever miss a deadline. Just the word is frightening. Isn't it? What happens if you go past that line? Will you actually die? Maybe. I'm not brave enough to try.

I survived class and afterwards, I went to the gym. As usual. Unfortunately, Mr. Migraine had left me with some nausea and after some cardio I gave up, with a constant feeling of wanting to throw up.

Oh well. No pain, no gain. Suck it up and do it, even those days when the unpleasant team comes to visit.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where does your bus stop?

I want to tell you about my bus stop. And why do I want to do that? Because my bus stops right outside of The Pentagon. Yes, that is correct. The name of the station where I get on the bus in the morning and where I get off in the afternoon or evening is called "Pentagon" - one month since I got here, and that still fills me with fervour!

I would like to take a picture of the actual bus stop, but unfortunately, that's prohibited. No cameras allowed inside The Pentagon area.

What I can show you, is the proof of The Pentagon being my neighbor. Voilà, two pictures taken from the 16th floor of the apartment building in which I live.

The alert student.

To read the newspaper is a part of my studies, required by both of my journalism professors. Completely understandable and also quite neat. No more regulations than "read the newspaper" are given, so why not do it after a long night out, at 5 a.m. in the morning, while having pancakes at the one and only place for pancakes - International House Of Pancakes.

The alert student makes sure she can combine the must-do with the want-to-do.

Monday, September 12, 2011

When the Stars are right.

I was walking home from Starbucks, where I spent the evening studying. I was thinking about how I wanted to rinse my head with a hose of some kind. Just wash away some annoying thoughts, uncomfortable feelings.

For now: just forget about yesterday; don't care about the future; only be here, in the present.

Then I got home, sat down and browsed through today's Washington Post. I came to the horoscopes and the Stars told me the following:

"Once you find a way to be fine with what's going on right now, you'll have a sense of freedom. Accepting the present will give you astounding power over your world."

I did make up my mind already during my walk home. But the Stars gave me the exact confirmation I needed, that it's the right thing to do. Accept the present. Feel free. An independent Virgo - that's me!

The overloaded loving heart.

I'm a magnetic field.
Whatever sentiments there might be out there, they will get to me.

I will shed tears for the sad ones, even if the sorrow is not mine.
I will smile with the happy ones, share their joy like it was my own.

If I love you once, you will always be in my heart.
The magnets will not lose their power, they will stay on my walls forever.

Hit me, hurt me, stab me in the back - my heart will still be left to love.
To care. To help. To give sincere affection.

The one who's left behind, is the one behind the walls.
The one with all the sentiments, drawn into her sphere.

I do my best to please her too,

but sometimes,

it all just comes to overload.

Word of the Day, exam day.

Word of the day from Meriam Webster is:


Meaning to carefully reflect on something. That could be good on a day like this, when it's exam day! The student perpended, then wrote down her answer on the blank piece of paper.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday in America.

This is what we do on weekends. But the rest of the week we live at the gym. So it's okay.

Word of the Day, 09/11/11.

At, and lots other websites, you can sign up for a free subscription of "word of the day". That is just what it sounds like; everyday you get an e-mail with a new word for you to learn.

Today's word is:


"1. Relating to the mourning or remembering of the dead.
2. Used in, suitable for, or resembling an elegy.
3. Expressing sorrow."

9/11 of course.

Do you remember what yo did this day, ten years ago? I do. I was at home, with my high school big crush. We saw the planes on TV, but it wasn't until after he left and I talked to my mom that I realized what had happened.

Ten years later, I'm sitting here. Next to one of the crime scenes - The Pentagon. The feeling is in the air. The feeling of threat and sorrow. A feeling I, as a Swede, cannot understand. But it helps me understand the overall - and very general, of course - mentality over here.

So what do you do this day, ten years after the planes crashed into the towers in N.Y. and my neighbor Pentagon? How about remember and reflect? Show humanity, but don't leave your brain at home.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

After four hours of PR strategies...

...this is pretty much how you feel!

Now we're talking.

Three weeks of classes and now we're talking. First test in PR class number one on Monday. First journalism assignment - a profile - due Wednesday. A press release for PR class number two due Friday. A reaction paper for Communication class due Friday. And then the usual textbook reading, finding news ledes and reading the Washington Post.

I like it. After all, this is what I am here for - to study and learn!

Spirit of America, Act I - different does not mean wrong.

I don't know where to start. But let's just say that the first act of Spirit of America truly was a "patriotic live show", as promised. Coming from a country that just gave up mandatory military service and never, for real, experienced a war, it was quite an experience and a culture clash.

I cannot explain my feelings. As I said, I have always been interested in war history. But can war history ever be told from an objective point of view? And how do you react to people who cheer on the soldiers who are proud of killing "the stupid enemy"?

I am here, in this country, to learn about a new culture. Yesterday, I sure did. The thoughts and ideas about war - from George Washington's early days until today's issues with terrorism - I got to witness yesterday got me all excited. Or, I guess curious is a better word.

So many thoughts about war, patriotism and cultural differences! I am glad I went to see this show. Even though I didn't clap my hands at all times, I am way too open-minded to completely dismiss it all. It's different, that's what it is.

But different does not mean wrong or bad.

Friday, September 9, 2011

They are always present.

I meet them on the way to the metro. I see them waiting for the bus. They walk past me outside of the supermarket. They sit next to me. They say hi to me. They smile at me. They walk around, in their special outfits, just like everybody else who wears a costume to work. I am talking about those men and women with badges saying "U.S. Army", "U.S. Navy" or "U.S. Air Force".

The military is always present in this country.

Three out of four professors mentioned something about the military during the first week of classes. Professor number one asked if someone was actually in the military and would have a hard time following the schedule. Professor number two told us that his hearing on one ear is bad, due to an incident during military service. Professor number three told us how the kids with bad grades was sent to The Vietnam War, while he himself got out of it, because he was a smart kid who went to school.

See, the military is always present and tonight we're going to let the U.S Army's Spirit of America tell us about the history of the nation "through historical reenactments, musical entertainment and precision military drill".

I am so excited. I have always been fascinated by war history and people in battle uniforms. It makes me think about the war hero I knew. Still know. Because the people we truly love will always be with us. Grandpa, I will think of you tonight. I bet you would have loved this show, had you still been alive.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The threeofive girls.

Dear reader, let me present to you, the threeofive girls. Four girls, not just sharing an apartment, but a lifestyle and a tremendous lot of laughter. Here they are, from the left:

Tattarn (The Vagrant) - The youngest one, but the one who knows the most on how to, let's call it economize. She can give us all daily tips on how to save money. Theme song: "Tattare är vi allihopa, allihopa, allihopa" (melody: Swedish traditional song).

Iron Ass - She is the one who either likes or dislikes things and presents her opinions with a matter-of-fact manner. She is also trying to teach us värmländska (the dialect spoken in her home region). Theme song: "Here comes Iron Ass, dudududududududududu..." (melody: Iron Man).

Grandma - The old and wise one who makes sure everybody stays alive and other small things. She provides the group with words of wisdom. Theme song: "Oh Grandma, oh oh. Oh Granda, oh oh oh oh" (Melody: Volare).

Bob (Bobster or Bobby) - The one who makes sure we never ever miss out on super cheap special offers and also the one who provide us with food to put in our lunch boxes. She can tell us how to cook and what music goes along with it. Theme song: "Broder Bobster, Broder Bobster sover du, sover du?" (melody: Brother Jacob).