Friday, September 9, 2011

They are always present.

I meet them on the way to the metro. I see them waiting for the bus. They walk past me outside of the supermarket. They sit next to me. They say hi to me. They smile at me. They walk around, in their special outfits, just like everybody else who wears a costume to work. I am talking about those men and women with badges saying "U.S. Army", "U.S. Navy" or "U.S. Air Force".

The military is always present in this country.

Three out of four professors mentioned something about the military during the first week of classes. Professor number one asked if someone was actually in the military and would have a hard time following the schedule. Professor number two told us that his hearing on one ear is bad, due to an incident during military service. Professor number three told us how the kids with bad grades was sent to The Vietnam War, while he himself got out of it, because he was a smart kid who went to school.

See, the military is always present and tonight we're going to let the U.S Army's Spirit of America tell us about the history of the nation "through historical reenactments, musical entertainment and precision military drill".

I am so excited. I have always been fascinated by war history and people in battle uniforms. It makes me think about the war hero I knew. Still know. Because the people we truly love will always be with us. Grandpa, I will think of you tonight. I bet you would have loved this show, had you still been alive.

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