Sunday, September 30, 2012

In conclusion... To sum up... Lastly... – never mind.

There have been so many times, I have thought that I should sum up this blog. I should write a "last entry" and call it a day. Call it a year. There should be some kind of summary of a life changing adventure such as my DC year. Shouldn't it?

Oh well. The art of letting go is not a specialty of mine, so there is a high possibility that such an entry will never be written.

I mean, how would it go? What would I say? Goodbye? So long? This was fun, let's do it again sometime? It's not my style, just ending things and leaving them for some kind of past. I want all my memories and experiences to be alive.

Sometimes, my mind wanders off and I think about walking those streets again. I can feel it so much I almost believe I'm there. You know what I mean? I'm very happy walking the streets I'm walking at the moment, still, there is something magical about DC.

I'm not ready to write a last post yet. I think I will. But not right now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My story about DC – published for students-to-be.

A little while ago, I was putting together a short text about my year in the US, my life as a student and intern in DC. Yesterday, the printed story was to be found in my mailbox. And the timing couldn't have been better.

Lately, I've been having such DC cravings, it's almost ridiculous. I found the American shelf in my local grocery store and I almost started crying from the sight of Reese's and 3musketeers bars – among other goodies. I listen to Gil Scott Heron singing "Washington, DC" and I almost think it's a great song – for real.

Tuesday night, I held a short presentation about my program and answered questions and mingled with enthusiastic students-to-be. When they asked me if I miss the city, I told them that Oh My God I do. I had to refrain myself from becoming too emotional.

So, receiving this magazine with a story that I'm actually very satisfied with, came as a perfect Friday gift. For you Swedish speaking people, the online version is to be found RIGHT HERE, on pages 24-25. And for all you non-Swedes, you can simply run through the archives of this blog. Here you have the whole picture.