Sunday, September 30, 2012

In conclusion... To sum up... Lastly... – never mind.

There have been so many times, I have thought that I should sum up this blog. I should write a "last entry" and call it a day. Call it a year. There should be some kind of summary of a life changing adventure such as my DC year. Shouldn't it?

Oh well. The art of letting go is not a specialty of mine, so there is a high possibility that such an entry will never be written.

I mean, how would it go? What would I say? Goodbye? So long? This was fun, let's do it again sometime? It's not my style, just ending things and leaving them for some kind of past. I want all my memories and experiences to be alive.

Sometimes, my mind wanders off and I think about walking those streets again. I can feel it so much I almost believe I'm there. You know what I mean? I'm very happy walking the streets I'm walking at the moment, still, there is something magical about DC.

I'm not ready to write a last post yet. I think I will. But not right now.

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