Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spirit of America, Act I - different does not mean wrong.

I don't know where to start. But let's just say that the first act of Spirit of America truly was a "patriotic live show", as promised. Coming from a country that just gave up mandatory military service and never, for real, experienced a war, it was quite an experience and a culture clash.

I cannot explain my feelings. As I said, I have always been interested in war history. But can war history ever be told from an objective point of view? And how do you react to people who cheer on the soldiers who are proud of killing "the stupid enemy"?

I am here, in this country, to learn about a new culture. Yesterday, I sure did. The thoughts and ideas about war - from George Washington's early days until today's issues with terrorism - I got to witness yesterday got me all excited. Or, I guess curious is a better word.

So many thoughts about war, patriotism and cultural differences! I am glad I went to see this show. Even though I didn't clap my hands at all times, I am way too open-minded to completely dismiss it all. It's different, that's what it is.

But different does not mean wrong or bad.


  1. Vilken lyx! Det borde de införa på min skola ;)

  2. Jag håller nog med dig, ett krig kan nog aldrig bli berättat från en objektiv vinkel...och likaså så finns det inga vinnare eller förlorare i ett krig...

    Det är intressant med amerikanarnas patriosm och militärsyn, som är så helt olikt Sveriges. Även om man kan tycka att den är lite överdriven kan jag ändå tycka att Sverige kan ta efter lite. Vi har inte samma stolthet över vårat land, fastän vi har all rätt i världen att ha det. Vilket faktiskt är lite tråkigt.