Thursday, September 29, 2011

The old gymnast body.

My head is doing good this week, but my body is a bit tired. Got to admit it. Some of the old gymnast defects are showing their cute effects again; mostly an aching back. But as we all know; pain is only weakness leaving your body! Even though it's in pain from time to time, my body tells me: "I wish I could do a backflip just here and now, 'cause that's the most amazing feeling in the world!"

TT, don't you agree with me? I'm looking forward to our next reunion. Because with TT it's never too late and you always do exactly what you want.

I want to do backflips, pirouettes and run around in a leotard. Oh, maybe. At least the old gymnast body is getting some good strength training and it likes it, even though it's on a little bit of a strike this week.

Reunion 2009 - Oldies But Goldies

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