Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Relationships and people to thank.

I’m in a good flow. Things are moving in the right direction. Not every single move feels like a struggle and the words are making their way out on paper (or mostly screen) again. I feel inspired by the environment I’m in and by lots of the people around me. Ah, the key: people around me. We all have so much to give to each other. Don’t we?

Let’s think about it. Relationships are what we build our worlds around. And when I go to the bottom with it, I think about the whole foundation of me, myself and I; who I am and why I have become this person.

There is one special group who has a lot to do with that. The people I have grown up with; the people I got to know as I was starting to form my own ideas and my own personality; and the little ones, which could have been the ones with the most impact. Basically my wonderful, couldn’t-live-without-you-family. They are polite when I bring home men from different cultures. They hold my hand when these men leave. They support me when I get the impulse to leave my own country. They pick me up at the airport when I come home.

They are my family, and there is nothing like family. It's the relationship I value the most. Thank you, my loved ones, for being there, even though I'm always somewhere else. I wish you could all come here and experience this wonderful place with me. It's not like Ålis, but we could make it work.