Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When I'm not myself.

You know what I like? When people say to me "You don't look like yourself today," on days when I don't feel like myself. On days when I have a headache; feel nauseas; cannot workout; have very little energy. A guy at the gym told me that today. And he was right, absolutely right. It made me happy - knowing he thinks I'm the opposite of lazy, tired and out of energy.

You know what else I like? My roommates. Because they tell me to go to bed when I fall asleep in the middle of writing. Because they come with painkillers to me, first thing in the morning after a night of migraine. Because they entertain me and constantly make me laugh.

Fun, caring people, with whom I can totally by myself. Even on days when I'm not.


  1. I love you grandma!!! <3 // Bob Bobster Bobby Polygraph Polygraphovic Abryvalg

  2. How nice you look my sweet little daughter. Says mum.

  3. How sweet you are, my sweet little mum. Come visit me soon!