Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss PA and Mr. M - what a team.

Little Miss PA came knocking on my door last night. P as in Performance. A as in anxiety. Actually, she came knocking on my door a few days ago, which made me stay up all night writing on my first journalism assignment, due today. Of course, she brought along her friend, Mr. Migraine. They like hanging out together and often come as a team.

Anyway, I finished the assignment. I gave it to my professor. No matter how annoying Little Miss PA and Mr. Migraine can be, I could never, ever miss a deadline. Just the word is frightening. Isn't it? What happens if you go past that line? Will you actually die? Maybe. I'm not brave enough to try.

I survived class and afterwards, I went to the gym. As usual. Unfortunately, Mr. Migraine had left me with some nausea and after some cardio I gave up, with a constant feeling of wanting to throw up.

Oh well. No pain, no gain. Suck it up and do it, even those days when the unpleasant team comes to visit.

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