Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandma's diggin' a hole!

At the gym. We hear one of our "gym songs" - Party Rock Anthem. Grandma (B1, that's me), starts to sing along and do somewhat of a digging move, next to Iron Ass (B2).

B1: I don't really know what they sing, but I think it's shuffling, so I'm shuffling.
B2: Yes, it is shuffling, but they mean it as to shuffle on an i-pod, you know.


See, words change. The kids shuffle on their electronic devices, while Grandma's diggin' a hole. And I will keep on doing that. That dance move is so much more fun than that of shuffling an i-pod. How would that even be?

"Everyday I'm shuffling..."

Bergström 1 and Bergström 2

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