Monday, September 26, 2011

Where you meet the powerful people.

Last Friday, by the merest chance, I ran in to a person with power. Somebody who has an influence, not only on his immediate surroundings, but on people being miles away from him - both in terms of geography and in matters of lifestyle. This surprisingly young American man, who happened to be at same event as me and was as eager to talk to people as I was, worked as a diplomat for the World Bank.

When I asked him to describe a day at work, he told me the following: "You know the situation in Africa's horn? The other day we decided on how much money to donate to help out over there."


Just like that, an ordinary day at work, he can affect the lives of those millions of people poorly treated by the horrible ways of nature. It made me impressed, but at the same time scared. Do we realize how much power we lay in the hands of man? Ordinary men - and women, of course - just like that young diplomat can be the ones deciding on exactly how well your life is going to be.

Let me tell you, dear reader, if you did not understand that yet; Washington D.C. is the place where you have all the chance in the world to meet the important people. And if - more correctly when - you run into them, stop for a second and let them describe an ordinary day at work. I assure you, you will find it very interesting.

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