Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank God It's Friday at T.G.I Friday's!

Dear people in this dear world. This is a fun day!

PR class with speeches and bridging. Fun, fun and loads of fun. "What was your company's name again? Happy Fun Drugs? Okay, you sit in the front so you get to be the spokesman and we'll just all laugh and make fun of you." That you was me. And we did laugh. All of us. "Your name is Alec? What, could your mum not afford an X?" And we laughed at that too.

Ran giggling to the gym and asked for a fun workout. And we sure got one! It was fun, it was sweaty, it was challenging. Grandma's back is still a bit so-so, but it'll be alright. FUN was the word. You gotta love a good workout.

And then, what we have been longing for the whole week - T.G.I Friday's! The salmon was heaven on a plate and the chocolate peanut butter pie was - well, just heaven! It was so good we all wanted to cry. And we felt like we couldn't have deserved it more. A case study, an exam, writing assignments, a speech and five days of workout behind us.

Now, Grandma will just lay down on the couch to read the newspaper and we all know that reading the newspaper on the couch really means taking a nap. Just because I deserve it.

Life is pretty darn good and Thank God It's Friday!


"Why haven't Swedes realized that peanut butter is the best?!"

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