Thursday, September 29, 2011

Animal wise - not a good day. Otherwise - very good day!

Some days are just better than others. This was one of the former kind. I guess it's all because I started the day with Wham! - Wake me up before you go-go. What can go wrong a day that starts like that?! Actually, I did find a bug next to my OnePiece, but it was a minor problem and I got over it.

After a walk, some nice breakfast, a shower (thank you for that, my hair said to me), the Wham!-moment and a little bit of reading the paper, Olivia and I took the bus to Shirlington. Ended up at Busboys & Poets and prepared for a long day of studying, which turned out to be a long and lovely lunch followed by some catching up with a friend while writing a little bit here and a little bit there on a speech due tomorrow.

If the studying was the most inefficient ever, the workout was the complete opposite; surprisingly enough since I did feel relatively tired before stepping up on the treadmill. One sweaty hour later I felt great and ended the day with an evening class.

It might not sound that exciting, but it has been a totally wonderful day. Apart from the animal point of view. I just found a spider in my closet, which was far from pleasant, but Olivia brutally killed it with a measuring cup - so again, it all ended well. At least for me. Not for the spider.

Animal wise, not a good day. Otherwise - very good day. Excellent, I would even say!

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