Monday, March 19, 2012

What did I learn? I don't know. What did you learn? I know!

What did I do and what did I learn? Keeping a journal of your work duties is easy. More difficult is answering the question of what you learned, when you pose it to yourself. A few days ago, I had somewhat of an aha experience, when someone else asked me what I had done and what I had learned.

I found myself in the middle of an enthusiastic explanation of social media statistics, strategies and ideas. I simply knew what I was talking about and I realized that it was all recently acquired skills.

In addition to getting feedback, the receipt of knowing that you actually learn something, is telling somebody else what you know. Education and knowledge only shows when you get the opportunity to show it off. That is why I enjoy working in a team, it gives you the opportunity of both asking and answering to questions. Q&A's bring us forward, make it fun, show us what we know and what is yet to learn.

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