Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bike hike with a hint of green.

Yesterday, it was that time of the year again when America went green and Irish (and drunk!). The 305 girls took the green in St. Patrick's Day and turned to nature instead of green beer.

We borrowed two bikes, rented a third one by the river in Old Town Alexandria and then we hit the approximately 8 mile long bike trail to Mt. Vernon, the astonishing estate of George Washington, in perfect shape as he left it when he passed away in 1799.

The ten minute tour in the mansion – decorated with vivid colors as it actually looked way back when – and the stroll in the beautiful garden full of history and well kept souvenirs, was a visit worth its effort. And really, the effort of getting there was half the pleasure. The bike trail is in perfect shapes and gives you a wonderful sightseeing with amazing views.

A bike trip to Mt. Vernon is a perfect Saturday hike. Especially when the sun is shining and the air is warm. We were definitely high on life. Go green, experience nature, that's what it's all about.

VoilĂ , Mount Vernon!

Mischievous picnic no. 1 by the river. "No food allowed." Oops.

The Mansion.

Happy campers! We fully understood why he built his mansion on that exact spot.

The one not wearing green on St. Pattys can be pinched, so we brought our Novapösar as protection.

Back in Old Town, where green was all over and the Irish tunes were in the air.

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