Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fulfilled Feedback.

What did I do and what did I learn? Those are questions my professor want me to answer for the Internship Journal that I'm writing for class. But, that is also what I constantly ask myself as I leave the office at M Street every day.

This Thursday evening, I realized to appreciate the great value of feedback. As I was waiting for the light to shift to white for me to cross the street and walk towards my building, I evaluated the day as having been very good. And why is that? Because today consisted of two meetings and a lot of useful feedback.

Working with the one same project for a long time can feel like running around in a circle. Have we not touched upon this before? What more can we do? Enter: feedback. For the questions you can answer, you realize that you have done some good research. For the questions you cannot answer, you realize that you can always improve.

It becomes obvious what the heart of the story is and the small cracks appear for you to fix. It's rewarding as well as stimulating. So keep on working and ask for somebody's opinion on what you have achieved.

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