Monday, March 19, 2012

How to handle a metro delay.

So, a slow computer that didn't want to turn off has already kept you at the office fifteen minutes later than usual, you walk down to the metro, only to find it full of commuters, just standing still. What's going on? The man next to you has no idea and the Metro worker gives very little information; "PEOPLE, STOP GOING DOWN TO THE PLATFORM! CAN'T YOU SEE IT'S OVERCROWDED?!"

In a situation like that you can a) ignore the Metro worker and try to squeeze yourself in between the other people who wants nothing but to come home; b) scream and shout in dissatisfaction; or c) take the escalator back up to the street, pop in to Frozenyo and stroll in the afternoon sun to another metro station, not affected by the delay.

Tell me, which option would you choose?

Really, Froyo is all about the topping!

Ordinary day in DC, people in line to see a glimpse of the President.

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