Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Warning: Beauty Overload. Cherry Blossoms.

He is there. She is there. They are there. We are there. You are there. I am there. And here we all are. One hundred years ago, 3,000 cherry trees were given to they city of Washington DC, to honor the friendship between Japan and the US and these wonderful trees still make the north bank of Tidal Basin into an area of peace and harmony.

Everybody is there. Unable to put their cameras down. How could they? There is so much beauty to be captured and saved. How can a world that can create such grace be anything but lovely?

Starting today, and five weeks to come, there will be Cherry Blossom events all over town; street parades, fireworks, music and dance performances, kite festival, symposiums and of course, just amazing trees to wander under.

There is something about cherry blossoms. It's a kind of magic. The peaceful flowers puts people in a trance, unable to put their cameras down.

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