Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI and some sports thoughts.

Tonight's the big night [insert a ton of exclamation points]. Apparently. It is time for The Super Bowl XLVI; New York Giants vs. New England Patriots. I never watched a whole game of football before, but it feels kind of mandatory doing so tonight.

It's funny, something occurred to me the other day. In the middle of all this Super Bowl buzz, I realized how big football actually is around here – and the same goes for basketball and baseball. Back home in Swede land, we care about hockey (yea, I wouldn't necessarily include myself in that audience, but we as a country) and the NHL is huge. Of course, I thought that would be the case here as well. But it isn't.

Sure thing, there is a lot of hockey coverage, people see the games and read about the players who earn ridiculously high salaries, but it's not at all as important as the NFL, the NBA or the Major Baseball League.

Unfortunately, DC seems to hold some of the country's worst teams in all leagues, but I enjoy the overall sports experiences anyway. I've been to a baseball game – even though I never got to see the actual game, remember – and I've seen the Capitals practice at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Next week, I have tickets to the NBA and tonight, well, tonight I'm obviously watching The Super Bowl.

Sports lie the heart of every culture and what I have learned is that the NHL is not the one closest to the core over here, as I somehow had imagined. I guess picking out the darling is highly personal, but tonight it's all about football.

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