Saturday, August 20, 2011

First pitcher, second pitcher, third pitcher... thunder storm!

We were all very excited. We were there in time - and with in time, I mean in time. We had loaded up with documents to prove we are students, to be able to get a 50 per cent discount. We had a look at the foam fingers. One of us bought a baseball. We had a pretzel. A few bought some beer. We raised up when the national anthem started and everything was great. We saw pitcher number one, two and three. Eric, the only one among us actually knowing a bit about the sport, started a small lecture.

We had been watching the lightning from across town for quite some time and ten minutes into the game it all came over us. "Look at that, now it starts raining on that side of the park", I told my friend and the minute after it was all over us. It was not just a few drops, it was all the water that could possibly exist in the sky.

Our first baseball game ever ended under the roof of the Nationals Park. After over and hour, we lost all our hope and ran back to the metro to go back home. Apparently, the game was picked up after yet another hour. So, we never really got to see our first baseball game, but we got to experience the whole thing, plus a little extra, and that was totally worth the 10 bucks that we spent.

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