Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cut the irony and sarcasm!

I'm taking this move to the states very seriously and I'm reading up on everything that could be good to know. Making jokes for example, as I would like to see myself as a person who includes lots of humour in the everyday life. I realize I have a lot to work on, on that one. The authors of Culture Wise America - The Essential Guide to Culture, Customs & Business Etiquette tells me the following:

"Irony and sarcasm are rarely encountered and may even be frowned upon, since many Americans simply don't understand it" (2009:39).

After reading this, I just want to quote a famous American character saying "Doh!" What else do I know than irony and sarcasm, being brought up in the ironical generation? Is that not a whole generation? Is it limited to a particular Swedish generation? It will absolutely be my mission to find out whether or not this is true. If it is so, this whole entry probably didn't go through.

I will work on the irony and sarcasm thing. Nobody wants to be "The Weird Person Who Gives Everybody The Look Of A Goldfish" while trying to entertain and be funny.

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