Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Football! Sorry, I mean soccer.

In my very early twenties I went out with a guy who's one mother tongue was English. British English. He taught me how to pronounce tomatoes, how I should say that I love to dance and he also made me use the word trousers instead of pants (for him, pants was what I was wearing underneath my trousers, and that's a totally different story!).

After we broke up, I kept this more British accent, even though I think lots of it disappeared. I never, by the way, could get myself to pronounce the word dance as he did, it was just too much. Anyway, I miss talking to him, in that fluent British way. It was such a long time since I had a good chance to say "Bob's your uncle" or whatever rubbish it could be.

I often get to hear that my English accent is somewhat puzzling. That, they told me even while I was dating this half British guy (his other half was Greek-Cypriot, for the records). I mix and match and pronounce in the Milon way. Now, moving west, I guess I have to adapt to a more Americanized English. A bit confusing and I am pretty sure that I will learn it the hard way. That's how it usually goes.

I'll do my best. But I have to admit that it annoyes me a bit, saying that I'm going to watch soccer tonight.

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