Thursday, July 7, 2011

Applying for a visa.

A few notes to self, if ever applying for a visa again:

No.1: Long, long, long before you even get whatever form you need for filling out the online application - take a day off to read everything on the website. Carefully read the FAQ:s, even though you don't think they concern you, because they probably will, in the end. Let's face it, there is a reason for why they are frequently asked questions.

No. 2: Load up with documents and information that you might need; such as previous work experience and grades, passport and other identification, information about family members, travel documents and information about current and future address, information about at least two people who can confirm that your occupation will be what you claim it will be - just to name a few!

No. 3: Make sure you have a valid photo. Ask a friend with a good camera to take a bunch of pictures of you facing the camera directly, with an all white background. Don't go to a photo shop - it's ridiculously expensive!

No. 4: Make sure that you at all time have a working printer connected to your computer while visiting any website connected to your visa application. You will have to print out all the confirmation documents and you can never be sure that there is a possibility to save it to your hard disk and print it later. So - printer needed at all times!

No. 5: Talk to your employer and prepare him or her that you might have to take a couple of days off with very short notice during this or that period. In that way, you will feel more free to pick and chose the dates for your visa interview - it's nice to be flexible!

No. 6: Be patient and make sure to have lots of time when filling out the online application. Each section allows you to work for 20 minutes, but let's just say that there are more than one section to fill out. Grab a good cup of coffee and maybe even a cookie and you are good to go - ready to book a visa!

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  1. Tack för tipsen! Har hört från många att det inte är det lättaste att få visum, så det är bra med en liten guide =) Och muffinsarna ser farligt goda ut också!