Friday, May 4, 2012

People, time to become movie stars – or at least producers.

How well do you work the camera? Well, according to some of the panelists from Social Media Club DC's April event, brushing up on your camera skills is a good idea when maintaining your Personal Brand.

If you really want to get yourself out there and be in control of your online visibility, you should learn how to make movies. For your Personal Brand SEO strategy (isn't this a bit bizarre, really?), having an active YouTube channel is critical, because YouTube clips generally show up more frequently in Google search results. And where do you want to be? On top of the game, obviously! On top of the search result list.

At 305, we practice moviemaking every now and then, with the ultimate goal of one day see a finished product – what it will be, I cannot really reveal at the moment. Now, this being said, you don't necessarily have to star in the movie yourself, but take on the role as a producer at get that camera rolling.

Oh, wait. What happened here? I guess we're not quite there yet.

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