Friday, May 4, 2012

"This is not a goodbye!" Yet I will miss you, dear gym.

There are certain things I need in life in order to stay on top of the game even when things get shaky. Family, friends and a good fitness center is definitely top three. So, understand how lucky I feel about having all those three factors incorporated in my life.

Let me show you my absolute favorite spot around here, with my favorite people, my DC family – the 305 girls. In this room, I have experienced every single emotion possible and it symbolizes my time here quite well. It has been a refuge, a place for fun, a place for hard work, a place for relaxing and sometimes just hanging out.

I was so close to tears when the girls and I walked out of there earlier today. It was the last workout. But we made sure to make the most out of it, really. And we promised that it's not a goodbye. It's simply a "moving on to different adventures." But I won't lie to you, I am going to miss this place and everything about it – like crazy. [Emotion explosion.]

Awkward Family photo no.1.

Awkward Family photo no.2. But see what a happy family!

Working out?

Awkward Family photo no.3 with Awkward Guy in the corner (no offense).
Thanks for being a good friend, taking care of this family and making the fitness center our home!

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