Monday, March 26, 2012

SMC-DC Recap: How to master your Personal Branding.

"Alright, so let's all check in with the hashtag #smcdc!"Last week, I was among the 50 something social media savvy Washingtonians who attended Social Media Club DC's March event, focusing on how to take care of your own personal brand in the social media realm. I wouldn't say that I encountered any brand new information, but it's always inspiring and interesting listening to panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

Let me present to you my personal key takeaways:

1. Be yourself, but be smart and professional. Think of the person your respect the most in the world when you are about to contribute with online content – he or she might find it, you know! If you're okay with showing all your Twitter/Facebook/LinedIn content with that person, simply publish! Employers are looking for humans, with feelings and flaws as we all have, but with good judgement. What can you say when and when should you not say anything at all?

2. Furthermore, be strategic when deciding what you do want to say. Stuff all your bios with smart keywords. Just like any brand would do, think in terms of SEO (search engine optimization, for those of you not in the know). In what context do you want to be found? Be in charge of people's search results and make sure your LinkedIn profile shows up when they search for "general awesomeness," or what have you.

3. And for me, the most important reminder: if an employer don't accept you for who you are, how could you ever do a good job and feel comfortable in that workplace? Personal branding, when done honestly and strategically, could help you finding a good match. Employers and employees all want to work with likeminded people, so be accurate when you present the brand that is YOU and that longed for "click" is more likely to appear.

No such thing as "please put your phone away" at a social media event.

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