Monday, April 30, 2012

Valborg Celebrations at 305.

Today was not allowed to be a K Monday, as Mondays so often can be, because today was Valborg back home in Sweden and we like to celebrate Swedish holidays even when we're here overseas. Last Valborg, I celebrated by dressing out in a glittery dress, dancing down the streets of Gothenburg. Tonight, I celebrated by dressing out random food in filo dough and making it into a more fancy dinner than just vegetable mush. Delicious was the final judgement!

Iron Ass had limited access to the kitchen, so we didn't get to see any bonfire, as the tradition back home calls for, but Grandma sang a line of the typical "Vintern rasat ut bland våra fjällar..."-song and we said cheers and had fun. That's what it's all about right?

Spring should be here now and tomorrow the Swedes celebrate some kind of equivalent to Labor Day. Obviously, that doesn't matter here, so off to bed I am. Good night, sweethearts out there.

Happy Valborg!

Peanut butter cup in disguise. Being creative in the kitchen.

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