Monday, April 30, 2012

"Certificate of Awesomeness" – Internship closure.

Here we go, running towards the finish line of this internship. I will only be working three days this week, because I came in Friday and had a last day with all my fellow interns. And what a day! We mostly enjoyed each other's company one last time before it was time for Happy Hour, where we received so much love and so many nice words from the whole team.

It was such a surprise and I was a bit touched when we all got a "Certificate of Awesomeness," an adorable trophy and other personal recognition. I guess my hard work has been appreciated. And I guess I still have somewhat of a way to go to stop constantly doubting myself.

Three more days of being the Best Swedish Intern on M Street. I will enjoy every second of it. Because this opportunity is one of the best that was ever given to me – or that I actually worked hard to get. It didn't at all turn out as I had imagined from the beginning, but in the end, it did indeed become absolutely awesome.

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