Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks. Thank you. I appreciate it.

One thing I like about travelling is the opportunity to encounter a new culture and learn something from the people living in it. Sometimes, moral values conflict so much with my own beliefs that I just have to walk away, but very often, I meet something I want to keep.

To pinpoint exactly all the manners I have learned about the American culture is of course difficult, but there is one thing in particular I know I have acquired since I moved here; saying thank you and show appreciation.

The thanks are everywhere. In emails, in shops, in lines, on the street, on the metro. Between friends, lovers, strangers, colleagues. Everybody is thanking everyone for everything. And so do I. Because I think it's a nice gesture. Keep spreading the thank yous around you. It only costs a few milliseconds of air and very little effort from your vocal chords.

Thank you for reading. Thanks!

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