Saturday, March 10, 2012

Note to self: LIVE.

I live. I love. I write things. 

Lately, it seems like I haven't paid as much attention to that first part as I should. I was terrified when that thought struck me. Therefore, when me lovely ex-roommate suggested frozen margaritas for $1 this very Saturday, I had to say yes.

It doesn't matter if I send out more job/intern applications now or tomorrow. I will not get closer to my goal if I sit and read all about university admission today or later. Whatever. I have to live and I have to live here, in the nation's capital!

Back to excitement and that can-do-want-to spirit. I lost that somewhere along the way and that is not pleasant. Live and love. I write things all the time anyway. I'm off to DC. See you out there!

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