Saturday, March 10, 2012

No plans tonight? Not enough flamingos in your life?

We often say that the people make the place. A statement that is so very often so very true. But you know, sometimes the place actually makes itself. That's the case for Freddie's Beach Bar & Restaurant on 23rd Street in Crystal City, VA (although, I must add that I did enjoy my company too, just to clarify that).

The other night, my buddy B2 and I found ourselves lying on the floor, incapable of deciding what we wanted to do and we realized that we needed to do something fun. "I know! Let's go to the flamingo place!" I suddenly shouted and said and done, we went.

As I said, I did enjoy my company, but even if I had not, I would have had a fantastic evening because Freddie's sure delivers an experience. The food was good, yes, but it was kind of overshadowed by the interior design; chandeliers, Barbies, disco lights, flamingos, just to give you an idea.

If you find yourself without dinner plans and also need a bit of color and feather in your life, head out to Crystal City and enjoy crazy hour at Freddie's. Because sometimes, some sparkling, purple diamonds are just what you need and deserve.

You'll see it. It's the eye catching place with flamingos and all the colors of the rainbow.

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