Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you know her?

Do you know anybody with a heart so big you wonder when it is going to explode? Do you know anybody who might seem a bit all over the place, yet still has the ability to calm everybody down? Do you know anybody who can get a kid seemingly on hunger strike to eat a big portion of spagetti bolognese and still ask for more? Do you know anybody who forgets her own shoes when going skiing, but remembers to pack everything else for the whole family? Do you know anybody who can take care of four children, three in-laws and four grandchildren and always bring her husband his favorite chocolate?

Do you know my mom? I am so sorry for you if you don't, because she truly is an amazing woman, whom I admire and love and wish all the best for her 60th birthday that is today! 

Happy Birthday Mom! We all love you and here is a little hello from the Team.

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