Sunday, March 25, 2012

Waffles for all!

Not only is it my beloved mom's birthday today, it is also Waffle Day. At least in Sweden. And since 305 is, despite the American flag that welcomes you in our hallway, 100% Swedish, we had no other choice but to start this day with waffles!

Unfortunately, our kitchen is not equipped with a waffle iron, so we turned to second best: IHOP! It became some kind of cross-cultural waffle celebration, honoring the great waffle (oh well, let's just pretend that's what we're doing March 25) along with the so all American families having their Sunday IHOP brunch.

Sometimes, the best possible outcome appears when you mix two cultures. In this case, the Swedish Waffle Day plus the American way of eating this delicious, crisp batter cake – with lots and lots and looots of syrup!

Did you miss out on this holiday? It ain't over yet! It's still totally justified to indulge in some sweetness. Just do it.

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