Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Cereal Country.

Adjusting to a new culture is not always easy. There are new socially created rules to adopt, new food to learn to like, new moral values to understand. And for the one coming to the United States of America, too much cereal to choose from!

I kid you not, choosing cereal in this county is, for an indecisive person like me, a one day job, at its minimum! Do I want granola? Nuts? Which one of the fifteen strawberry ones? Or maybe another berry? No sugar added? With pieces of peanutbutter? Marshmallows? Wheat? WHAT do I want?

The options are too many. But the last time I went grocery shopping the option was only one. Please see below and understand that I obviously want to eat the breakfast of champions – all day, everyday. Thank you General Mills, for making my cereal choice so much easier.

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