Saturday, March 24, 2012

Café Citron – for the child in you.

Welcome summer! I love you, please never leave me. We ended this summery work week with an after work meetup at Café Citron, located on Connecticut Avenue, not even a full block down from Dupont Circle.

Definitely a go-to-place, with tex-mexy food and table cloths ready for your creativity. And now you think: What? And now I will explain that their table cloths are made of paper and each table is equipped with a bunch of crayons – ready for you to use!

For the kids, they tried to tell me. So what? I haven't left the kid in me, so I started the art project. We had a great time, just what you need after a week at the office. Thus, note to you: Café Citron. Bring out the child in you, unleash your creativity and enjoy some ceviche.

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