Sunday, February 19, 2012

Miss perfectionist and her enemy: Lysol.

"This is the cleanest microwave I have ever seen," my sister once pointed out. That remark does say a lot about my character. I like things clean (preferably spotless). Hence, I like to clean. However, nowadays I always moan a little bit before I decide to wash up the mess that this place sometimes become. And why? Because of the most dreadful "All Purpose Cleaner" I have ever experienced.

The Lysol we have makes me never want to clean. To say that it smells bad is an understatement. It smells so bad, the atmosphere in the room becomes even worse than it was pre cleaning session. It doesn't make any sense to me. That nice smell after scrubbing is half the pleasure.

I had to use it anyway. I've been down on my knees for a couple of hours now and I have got to say, that even if it doesn't smell as flowery and nice as I could have wished, I feel great. Cleaning is therapy and a clean home makes me relaxed.


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