Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Iron Lady said, be careful what you think.

Ended up at the movies last night and sure picked the right film to watch – Iron Lady. Even though I was far from intrigued during the first ten minutes, the plot quickly picked itself up and the screen, with Meryl Streep as a crucial factor, delivered a piece pleasing for both eyes and heart, I would say.

I thought about life. I thought about society. I thought about myself. I thought about my Grandmother. I was moved by how the challenge of relationships to others as well as to oneself was depicted and I did shed a tear or two.

Also, I left with these words imprinted in my mind:

"Be careful what you think.
Because your thoughts become words.
Your words become actions.
Your actions become your character.
And your character becomes your destiny."

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  1. great words! thanks-:)
    im gonna try to find that!
    take care-:)