Sunday, February 19, 2012

We end up where we end up. Just the way it is.

Not only did I want to, but I needed to get out of the apartment. In order to not go insane. Things need to be done and even though I like it at 305, I find very little inspiration by that kitchen table. I gathered my belongings and walked outside, only to get a bit annoyed by the fact that my favorite café closed at 5pm and to find the nearest Starbucks being packed.

What to do? I saw it as a nice moment of fresh air, a well needed walk and headed home. Grabbed a free coffee in the lobby and headed up to the penthouse. Not so bad after all. When I need inspiration I just glance through window. See the Washington Memorial.

It's so strange how we sometimes just end up where we end up. Who would have ever imagined?

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Mine is dedicated to texts and words in different shapes and forms.

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