Monday, November 7, 2011

She's just NOT that into you.

I like to leave the house when I am going to study. Going to a café with a nice atmosphere always gives me more inspiration than staying by the kitchen table, which is also my desk. Going to cafés alone, you always end up next to people you don't know, which is fine. It can even be an interesting meeting, if you are lucky.

But isn't it awkward when you end up next to a couple who are out on an obvious first date and you can just feel how these two don't get along? I mean, you hear how there is no flow in the conversation, one person is constantly looking at the watch and the other keeps telling stories about taking walks with cats.

I'm not judging, we've all been there. Yes I have. But sitting next to it and having to overhear the awkward conversation is just so painful. This happened to me yesterday and I felt so bad for the poor guy trying to get to know the beautiful woman in front of him. Most of all, I just wanted to slip him a note under the table saying:

"Dude, give up. She's just not that into you."

But I didn't. Of course. How could I know how he would react? However, when the coffee was finished and he suggested a walk, she told him she actually had plans to meet up with some friends. Oh, well...

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