Sunday, November 6, 2011

"What's your name?"

No, it almost never comes out right. Not even when I spell it out.

- My name is Malin.
- What?
- Malin. M. A. L. I. N.

But it's okay. You can call me Milon if you find that easier. My first-born nephew thought so and for seven years now I have been nothing but Milon in the family. Which happens to be quite convenient since this nephew's mother and I share the same name, both first and last.

If Milon is also too hard for you, go with Grandma. That is how most people here know me. Yes, even those older than me. But you know, Grandma is not all about age, it is about the whole package. And Grandma, that's me. Or today, apparently Molin.

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