Friday, November 4, 2011

I want to LIVE here - now and later.

I walked out from the gym (a pretty good workout, by the way, that pull up is close, so close!), faced the sun and the beautiful colors of fall and got that wow-feeling. The one that is like a punch in your chest, in your heart. Do you know it? I hope you do. Because it is a feeling of content.

Everything was so beautiful. Everything felt so perfect. I came from my gym. I was waiting by my bus stop. I walked to my home. This is where my life is and this is where I live.

Can I please, please, please stay here? "Where do you see yourself next summer?" "Well, I anticipate doing a paid internship somewhere in the United States of America and I look forward to use everything I will learn from this first great opportunity of being an intern here in DC."

It is said, that what you say to others will also become true. Now I have told you what I want to do.

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