Friday, November 4, 2011

The golden Friday.

Friday? Again? Really? Where did all the other days go? For a power walk into the past, I guess. Time flies and weeks pass by. I have spent a couple of hours after class in the school cafeteria, rather lonely, reading about consumer relations and public relations. As interesting as it is, I am now relatively tired and will head off to my second home - the gym - to try to wake up.

So are the days of our lives. The present one kind of similar to the previous one. Still completely different. Whenever I get in to that I-am-doing-the-same-thing-over-and-over I try to find the small things that make each day count.

In Sweden, there is a saying that you can "put a golden edge" on something. Handing out chocolate to your students is definitely a gold-edging-gesture made by a professor. That peanut butter cup sure made my day a lot more golden. Different from the day before. Different from last Friday.

Still interesting. Always moving.

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  1. Jag gillar eran professor! Han/Hon verkar riktigt bra.