Thursday, November 3, 2011

The inner voice congratulates me.

"What is your purpose?" our professor asked and furthermore told us that one needs to pay attention to self. Listen to that little voice inside that sometimes screams out of fear and sometimes shouts out of joy.

I am paying attention to self, that is why I am here. I am doing this, leaving many loved ones behind, because it is something I have to do. For me. That voice inside me gave me no choice.

At first, it told me that I should be a reporter. "Go find yourself an internship at a magazine or a big newspaper. That is where you belong," it said. And I listened. I went. Here, to where I am now. And the voice was not so sure anymore. It had found another road for me to walk.

"You should do public relations. You should work with humanitarian matters. Oh, that is really what you should do. I believe it is your purpose," was its new message. And I listened. Once again I listened. Because that voice is very persuasive and I do trust it.

And let me tell you that I know am scheduled for my first internship interview at a humanitarian organization and the voice - oh, the voice is shouting out of joy!


  1. Låter spännande min älskade Malin. Lycka till. Kram från ett grått Holmsund.

  2. Tack bästa äiti! Håll tummarna at det går bra!