Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday night is... guacamole night?

I once had a boyfriend who said that "Friday night is drinking night." Well, at that time I listened to him. I was 19 and my life as it was, was a party. It still is, but these days, life is festive in another way. 19-year old me was great. But you know what, I like 25-year old me even better. She actually is a whole lot smarter. And thank God for that.

However, tonight, my 25-year old brain called for some complete relaxation and absolute nonsense. So I went grocery shopping - oh, how I love walking around in a grocery store when I don't really have to buy anything. I came home with a couple of avocados and a Cosmopolitan. And that was my Friday night.

Absolutely wonderful. Guacamole and rubbish reading. Exactly what you need sometimes, be it a Friday night or any other night. Satisfied and relaxed, now I am going to bed.

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