Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I give you PA Tuesday.

Tuesdays are long days. But not only that. They are also heavy days. Tuesdays are Pack-Ass Days - i.e. days when we bring along with us basically everything we own and then carry it around for the whole day. Computers, heavy textbooks, reporter's notebook, food, fruit, gym clothes, shower stuff and other necessities.

This PA Tuesday has been going up and down. Tired and with heavy bags - down. Professor giving us chocolate as a Halloween treat - up. Professor telling us about important event in American history as well as analyzing the current situation - so very much up! Professor giving us a huge assignment - falling down. Sweat dripping from the nose after 40 minutes of interval training - yep, up. Waiting in the cold for the bus for an hour - so very much down. Walking home from the bus stop with heavy bags - down.

And now I still have some writing to do before I can cuddle with my pillow in my oh so lovely bed. Some days are just not better than others. Even though this one did have a few highlights.

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