Monday, October 3, 2011

Leave the Bodybuilder alone.

It's odd, some things. You want to have a nice body, well at least I do, no need in saying anything against that. I honestly don't care about what others think of my body, but of course it is nice if others appreciate it. However, do you really want people to tell you that you have a nice body while you are sweaty, in the middle of a workout, trying hard to do your pullups?

I don't think I want that. For some reason, it becomes more of a nasty and offensive comment than a compliment. I want the gym to be for the people working out, not for the ones checking others out. Please.

I'd rather be a bodybuilder than some kind of - other object. And I wish we could all just think before we speak. You know, to try to figure out if what we are about to say is appropriate or not. Context, sender, receiver, all that. Leave the bodybuilder alone, she just wants to work out!

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  1. Hej Malin!

    Tänkte bara höra hur du trivs i Washington? Jag har själv planer på att dra dit nästa hösttermin och plugga nämligen. Du råkar inte ha koll på några bra college där förresten?