Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The cinnamon rolls at 305!

Today, October 4 as it still is here in the US, is the official Day of the Cinnamon Roll. For those of you not familiar with the concept, please visit Wikipedia to learn more (however, I would like to state that in Sweden it is most certainly not common with raisins decoration the buns).

My dear roommate Olivia and I figured that: hey, it's only Kanelbullens Dag once per year and so what if we happen to be in America this particular day - we want cinnamon rolls and we will bake them with our bare hands.

Said and done, even though we were unbelievably tired after a long day on campus, we walked to Harris Teeter to buy the ingredients and at this very moment we are in the middle of the first rising of the dough.

Some cultural things are just too good to completely give up while you are away from home. Kanelbullens Dag - The day of the Cinnamon Roll - is just a tradition like that.

To be continued...

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