Monday, October 3, 2011

Time and timing.

A relatively young, nonetheless very intelligent, person once told me "Life isn't about time, it's about timing." To a certain extent I believe he was right in saying so, however, I would not leave it all up to the timing as it is. I think life is a lot about how you deal with your timing.

Do you seize the opportunity when the timing is right or do you run away from it all? Do you even interpret the timing as right or do you always believe it's wrong?

I have experienced that my timing in certain fields always seem to be a total catastrophe so I have taken a step back. I would not say I have given up, because I am not really a quitter, but I have taken a step back and decided to focus elsewhere.

I don't rely my hopes and dreams upon good timing. I try to work hard, make the most out of my time and focus on the fields where I most likely will succeed. If the schedule turns out to be good, I guess that will just be a bonus.

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