Thursday, September 8, 2011

I walk, you walk, we walk...

...the jaywalk!

It might be good to know that it is illegal to cross the road if the traffic light is not telling you to do it. Then, all the Swedes must know that over here, we don't talk about small red or green men telling us wether to walk or stand still. We do have one man, a white one, who signals that we can cross the road, but whenever the redish/orange hand comes up, you better stop!

Crossing the road while the big red hand shines at you is referred to as jaywalking and actually a violation of the law. The other day, I read that the police imposes a fine for jaywalking on at least one person per day. For such a thing as crossing the road, I think that is quite a lot.

What fascinates me even more, is the long article on Wikipedia, treating this subject. For more information: KEEP ON READING HERE!

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