Thursday, September 8, 2011

To you, Thursday!

Good morning America and good morning Thursday. It's just another day in the US, but still a day that should be embraced as a really, really special one. Why? Because we never, ever know about tomorrow.

Last night, before I fell asleep, it struck me how lucky I am, how happy I am. I really enjoy life and my time here. I want to grab every second of it. That's why an ordinary Thursday also should become special. Today's to do looks like the following:

- Power walk before breakfast - check!
- Nice and long breakfast - check!
- Washington Post marathon - check!
- Metro to DC, find a cute café and study
- Write a profile
- Read about PR
- Read about business communication
- Go to the gym (the favorite part of the day)
- Business and Professional Communication class

Not too bad for an ordinary Thursday, huh?! Have a good one, dear reader!

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